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Dacă ai visat cândva să fii student la o universitate din Europa, atunci Cursurile BEST sunt o oportunitate perfectă și la îndemână pentru tine! Să faci o săptămână de studii la una din cele mai dezvoltate universități ar putea să fie aventura studenției tale!

14 - 20 March 2021


How to Train Your Robot

BEST Kaunas

Do you believe that robots are the future? Have you heard about the newest trends in robots industry? Do you think it could be a great idea to learn more about that? If your answer is ‘Yes’, don’t hesitate and join our 7 days online course on developing collaborative robots.

This course covers a variety of topics and workshops designed to understand capabilities and industrial applications of collaborative robots (cobots). There will be presented the main idea of robots in Industry 4.0 and how to train collaborative robots for making certain tasks. In addition, after the course you will have better skills for working with certain software and you will have your own robot prototype.

What‘s more? Get a chance to exchange your ideas with the international student team and travel across different European cultures in the international evenings while staying at home.

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to gain fresh knowledge about trending robotics, robots design, integration or robotic systems and find a great team of motivated people from all across Europe.

21 - 27 March 2021


On Stranger Tides: How To Become The Captain Of Your Career

BEST Sofia

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” – Jack Sparrow

There are no certain rules you need to follow to become a captain but at least you have to grab the chance to prepare your crew of experience to reach easier the island of confidence.

You wanna be adaptable and flexible to find your perfect career? Dive into the sea of opportunities and learn about:

- transferable skills and what are the most needed skills when looking for career

- what’s the difference between a job and a career

- how to prepare to apply for a job

Are you willing to take a risk with your career and your comfort zone?

If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Go on board and start your adventure now to reach your treasure of success!

12 - 18 April 2021


There is no PLANet B

BEST Xanthi

Did you know that climate affects people and people affect climate?

Several human activities that happen every single day, diminish the resources of the earth and for that reason people have started to seek solutions in order to reuse some of these resources. That’s why the field of circular economy has entered our lives and tries to teach us how to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (the 3R philosophy) in spite of throwing away solid waste to landfills, which causes the production of biogas, that is a greenhouse gas. Furthermore, people have found a way, with the use of satellites, to predict many of the extreme phenomena that are yet to come, such as floods, coastal erosions etc.

It's scientifically proven that in a few years we'll all become observers of an even bigger climate crisis, but if we aren't properly informed about the problems and the solutions, how can we save the planet?

Do people have the ability and the will to be more environmentally friendly?

Are you willing to learn more about the topics above? If the answer is yes, we are waiting for you to apply to our online course!

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Ce spun studentii

A BEST course, for me, is an event that always gets me all worked up. I made new friends, experienced new, crazy activities (such as who ever thought I would be kayaking on a river?) learned new things, but most importantly, I spent 1 to 2 weeks in a foreign country with people from all around Europe, people that shared the same values, that despite all the differences between us managed to get under my skin.
Grenoble, France
Experiența din cele 14 zile mi-a întrecut orice așteptare. Am acumulat cunoștințe tehnice, mi-am făcut prieteni în 14 țări din Europa, am călătorit prin Europa pe bani puțini și am avut parte de cea mai extraordinară perioadă din viața mea. Cursuri, vizite la companii, activități, excursii, petreceri. Cursurile BEST sunt o oportunitate deosebită pentru studenții de la universități tehnice de a vizita Europa și de a cunoaște oameni și culturi noi. Profitați de ea și înscrieți-vă!
Grenoble, france

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