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De ce sa calatorim?

De ce sa calatorim?

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Pentru a vă încuraja să călătoriți, l-am rugat pe Dinu – Alumnus BEST Iași, care își trăiește visul de a face înconjurul lumii – să ne împărtașească din ideile sale asupra subiectului “De ce e bine să călătorim?”. Astfel, au apărut 2 articole pe această temă: 3 Crazy Argentineans , The Travelling Virus.


Dinu vă așteaptă cu alte povestiri din călătoria sa pe blogul său, sau pe facebook.

Articol #1 – 3 Crazy Argentineans

“Why would you hire a guide when you go trekking in the oldest rainforest in the world if you can choose to go with some crazy Argentineans. And crazy is a word that goes all the time next to Argentineans. Later on my travel I have met also a beautiful girl from this country that sounded offended by my description of her compatriots, but in less than half a day she prove to be as crazy as the other three altogether. But it’s that craziness that I like. And anyone would. The energy of the youth, the careless jokes and the irrational decisions taken just for the sake of them.

We jumped off the same minibus that took us to Teman Negara and in less than 15 minutes we ended up in the same room of the hostel and after 15 more, eating together at one of the floating restaurants next to the National Park. I had a short Jungle Trek that evening and in the morning we talked along the wooden stairs up to the canopy walk. We decided easily that we want to spend that night in the Jungle and we took action. They borrowed some sleeping bags, we bought mosquito killers, hired a boat and at 5 in the afternoon we were already in the jungle. Next day, by that same time, we were back with a lot of leach marks on our body, sore muscles but also with an increased Level of Toughness after 24hours spend in the jungle.

I don’t want to get into details about our trip (not that we have to be ashamed of anything, no no) but I want to write about these amazing youngsters and about my admiration for them and their open-minded parents.

Travel young!

It’s the best thing that you should do around 20, the best university that you can attend and the most appropriate carefree moment to do this. And this was the age of these guys. They left home more than 6 months ago only with a one-way ticket from their parents with the landing gear opening over New Zealand. They worked there a while and with the money earned, they will travel around SE Asia from now until next February. They have frozen a year of studies, but in my opinion, they will learn much more meanwhile. In a way I was envying them for this possibility, but, in the same time, I was glad that they are doing at their 20’s something that I’m able to do only at 35 and they have this kind of parents that understands and supports them in their own discovery of themselves.

This is the perfect moment to travel. I am aware of the changes that occur in me after meeting all these cultures and I am thinking how this year will shape the personality of Matias, Javi and Mauro. At this moment they don’t have worries, they live the moment and, most important, they live! Their craziness has grown up from the mixture of the Latin rushing blood, intelligence, worries free life, pure friendship, enough money in a bank account, an eagerness for knowledge and non the less, the spirit of adventure.

We did the jungle together and we ended up using the Jungle train for a few more hours. I was asleep when I was woken up by laughs. When I turned around, Mauro was sitting somewhere in the middle of the wagon, on top of a sitting bench and talking with everybody in that part of the train. He was asking questions, making all of them laugh and interacting with more than twenty Malaysians in the same time. No need for Presentation skills or communication trainings for that. It comes normal when you travel. He was enjoying that moment and making everyone’s journey much more pleasant and a little bit shorter. After a while, all four of us were in the centre of the wagon and some memories were about to be burned in our travellers brains. Or should I leave some other brains out of it and talk only about myself’s?

If you are young, do your best to travel. Don’t wait for the life to catch you. If you are older, travel as soon as possible. Your boss doesn’t care if you are happy or not. You should care about yourself. If you are a parent, kick your kids out of your home and give them the chance to learn while young, some of the best lessons in life. About some of them they will be happy to tell you, about others they will be to ashamed to do that, but they need to learn them all. And soon. To become better adults that will pay their respect one day for giving them this freedom.”

Articol 2 – The Travelling Virus

2004 and a BEST event was the moment when I began travelling. Or was it when my parents bought me my bicycle?

Lacika and Andreea were those friends that borrowed me money to be able to get to Copenhagen. But Florin was the one that did not want to lend me money, but instead, he offered me an advice. “Why don’t you try to hitchhike from there back home?” he said one evening. I walkedaway from him very upset. “What kind of friend is he if he is not concern about my safety and well being?”. But I had no other choice and I did exactly that. It took me a week and 6 capitals to do those 2000km. I was telling myself that I will recommend it to everybody, but I will not do it again…until 2010, when I wanted to visit Germany. Hitchhiking again, visiting my friends and lingering at a party in a church were a part of the old life that can be new whenever you want it to come back.

As I was writing about the crazy Argentineans, I will repeat myself: Travel young! Or as a grammar Nazi would say it: Travel while you are young! Yes, start doing it as soon as possible. And yes, there are possibilities to do that.

BEST is one safe possibility to do it. At a certain age. It stands for Board of European Students of Technology and, because my readers are smarter than other blogger’s readers, they already raised an eyebrow and said in a silent thought that “This sounds like a student’s organisation”. You thought that too, right? Yes, it is a student’s organisation at a European level that offers students from within or outside the organisation the possibility to develop themselves through travelling and cultural exchanges.

It is cheap, it is easy and is unforgettable. With BEST you can take part in different academicals or leisure courses, competitions that are open to any student from a technical university that has also a Local BEST Group, and if you are within the organisation you can attend to different international meetings and trainings where you can meet, understand and learn from people from many other countries from Europe. And you see many beautiful parts of the Old continent. More than 10 years ago, when I was an active member in this organisation, I remember that it was much more difficult to travel. The offers were there for different events and courses but the possibilities, at least for Romanians, were limited. Now, with the cheap flights offers all the time, with and sites like you can easily cross the Europe in just a few hours or, let’s say days.

The possibilities are in front of us, just step out and do more. And you don’t need craziness, just that young spirit that burns within. And for the students, here is the list of BEST Courses

Because my heart is linked to BEST Iasi, I wish them All the BEST 🙂 and that many of its members will find the pleasure in travelling as I did and do every day.

And for all the others, I encourage you to Get up and live!

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